The Rusty Toothbrush crew are back with the second episode in their Winter Within series from Les 2 Alpes. Hit play for wild antics, school grades, rock falls and some solid stunts!

Who were you at school? The Nerd? The Teacher's Pet? The Exchange Student? The Jock? The Prom Queen? The Bully?

We all know school can be hard but now in Rusty Toothbrush’s school of shred the ladies are calling the shots and handing out the grades and it’s about to get much much harder.

Find out who are the star pupils and the drop outs in Episode 2 of Les 2 Alpes WINTER WITHIN.

Featured riders: Elena Graglia, Andre Strazzu, Bibi Maiocco, Giacomo G B Errichiello, Alex Stewart, Thomas Toom Ginger, Jacob Roberts, Victor Loron