Our favourite Frenchies had a banging time at Ride The Snake 2016 - check the mini DV footy for the proof. Throw in some classic pop and you've got one helluva' edit from the weekend.

We went to Chamonix from the 10th to 13th March for the Ride The Snake organized by Act Snowboarding and Quiksilver to make this vintage mini DV edit with stunts from Mathieu Crépel, Markku Koski, Sébastien Konijnenberg, Olivier Gittler, Ben Thomas-Javid, Charles Legay, Arthur Longo, Jake Simpson, Joe Simpson, Jørn Simen Aabøe, Tonton Holland, Nico Droz.

Filming : Théo Duparc, Julien Mounier

Editing : Théo Duparc