The French snowboard magazine Act Snowboarding, organised an absolute belter of an event in the oft forgotten Le Dévoluy area of the French Alpes. The course looks like a jungle mix of architectural beauty, skate bowls, a banked slalom and a jib run, all mixed in together to make the black mamba of course design.

It's not just a French affair either with some of the best ams from across the continent running the reptilian gauntlet. Sparrow Knox, Cees Wille, Hans Kestila and Joel Lahti, join a Sénat of local snowboard prowess. As always, we're hyped to see anything with Oliver Gittler in, alongside riders like Marion Haerty, Thomas Gerin and the rest of the upper-house of French snow enthusiasts.

There's been a lot of discussion over the past few years about the stagnant course design in snowboarding. As Mr David Benedek put it back in 2012:

With more and more events reaching out to the realms of creative course design, we hope that events like Ride the Snake keep building on the steps that they've taken. Big props.