This is a pretty interesting piece of work from Rhythm we got here. The crew set out on a journey across Europe and had tons of fun snowboarding, skateboarding and living the life!

Rhythm snowboarders / Swedish dirtbags Rolf Nylinder, Klas Beyer and Eric Johansson hit the road in search of Soulful Sliding, Jazzy Jibbing and Funky Freshies. Along the way a reindeer is bonked, songs are sung, and Rolf and Yrwan discover that love is the only language you need.

Klimpfjall - Stockholm - Copenhagen - Den Haag - Chamonix - Tignes - Innsbruck

Featuring (in order): Gumby, Rolf Nylinder, Klas Beyer, Eric Johansson, Yrwan Garcia Leal, Mike Knobel, Matic Zavodnik, Fredrik Austbo, Stian Solberg.