Kiwi shred is on! Take a look at what went down on opening day at the Remarkeables resort in New Zealand with Christy Prior and friends.

While Australia has been getting solidly dumped on for a little while now, it's been a tricky start to the winter season over in New Zealand. After a promising snowfall very early on in the season, the clouds dried up and the resorts have been pretty snow-scare until more recently.

However, The Remarkables finally opened up on July 3rd with a brand new chairlift shifting bodies into the peaks and a solid collection of park features to hit. Kiwi ripper Christy Prior was one of the snowboarders in line and along with her buddies Adam Strawbridge and Thubga Josayma, put down some hammers in the park.

It's always a pleasure to watch Christy Prior ride, and her style and depth of tricks is as solid as ever in this one. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed for more snow for our antipodean cousins and looking forward to more edits over the coming months.