Go watch a tiny human (Red Gerard) and a not so tiny human (Blake Axelson) do some sweet snowboarding stunts out in Colorado.

We could start this off by saying that when we were 13 we were still playing with lego and wondering what it would be like to touch girls bla bla bla... but that's kind of played out. Instead, we'll simply say that Red Gerard is still a midget, still really, really good at snowboarding , and we hate him a little bit for it.

Just kidding, Red's a boss.

Blake Axelson is rapidly approaching the big 2-0 though and needs to step his game up if he doesn't want to be totally out-shone by aforementioned snowboarding midget. In all-seriousness though, Blake is killing it too.

Watch the pair of them put a beatdown on the features out in Colorado in this new edit.