So far we've called The Station at Snowpark Nesselwang one of the best snowparks in Europe, and the Bear Mountain of Europe this season. The Station is a project funded by Red Bull, and executed by Scheestern, which has seen one of Germany's little known parks take to the European stage.

If you're a fan of ye olde' Isenseven movies, you'll be hyped to know that one of the main men behind the films has directed this edit. There's a definite finesse to Alex Schiller's cinematic vision, and this edit makes for a spookily stylish edit from the German flatlands.

There are literally so many tech tricks in this edit, it would be diminishing to list them all out, so just watch it. We're a big fan of the edit style though - apart from some artsy stuff that's nice at the beginning, it settles into a blitzkrieg of riding. No filler, all thriller.