The hour hands on the clock are ticking down to the final days of the season in Europe. With most resorts looking at a 12th of April finish, it's time for the last mad dash to stack footy for season edits, films and webisodes.

Despite being a mere 1,500m above sea level, Snowpark Nesselwang has managed to crank out some of the best edits of the season. If you missed the night sessions one from a few weeks back, you need to get your head in the game and give it the viewing it deserves.

This time however, it's the turn of Gido Gföllner, Basti Rittig, Raffael Kossmann, Wolfgang Natterer, Georg Ischepp and Basti Kuhn to display their dominance on the mean streets of the German hood.

The boys are joined by Eero Ettala, who is sadly filming for his #Ender2015 segment. We're pretty gutted to see Eero go, especially when you see stuff like a transfer front board like you do at 02:10 - his presence in snowboarding will be sorely missed.

The park closed its doors on the 23rd of March, but as first seasons go, Snowpark Nesselwang must be pretty stoked with what they've accomplished. Alongside being one of the most creative parks in Europe, they've seen a lion's share of the continents best riders drop through their turf.

We're hyped to see The Station return next year; hopefully for bigger, and even better things.