What do you get when you add a crew of the continent's finest film crews, one of the best snowparks in Europe and the springiest of spring vibes to the Pleasure Spring Sessions? Whilst many a physicist, philosopher and procrastinator have attempted to tackle the 'Hodge conjecture' of snowboarding, they should have probably waited for this edit from the Postland Theory posse.

Cristoph Schwarz, Roel Van Oosterhout, David Struber, Jesse Augustinus, Cees Wille, Raffi Kossman and Eirik Nesse are just some of the emerging and established riders in the European theatre of snowboarding at the moment, and they've revisited Laax after their minipipe smashing activities of March.

If you haven't checked out what the Postland posse have managed to produce over the last few seasons, now would be a good time to catch up. Apart from a plethora of full parts and web-edits; their feature film 'Connect the Dots' is available for download here at the bargain price of zero euros and zero cents. Trust us when we say it's worth the 3GB of your hard drive.

As always, the park that the Snowpark Laax crew have put together blows us away and the bowl/transition section looks hella' fun to ride. Did somebody say tranny finder?