With Antti Autti now on Korua Shapes snowboards, it didn't take him long to lure Korua honcho and Turn-Lover in Chief Nicolas Wolken up to northern Finland for a few 5-hour-long sunrise/sunset carving sessions...

Antti Autti and Nicholas Wolken take over the slopes of Pyhä Ski Resort in the soft Polar Light. December above the arctic circle offers beautiful combination of brief, but uninterrupted dawn and dusk all in one meddle as the sun never reaches the horizon during the darkest time of the year. Pink coloured groomers feel the sidecut of their boards while carving down the arctic resort in an edit focusing on the pure joy of speed and the feeling of cold corduroy under their boards.

Having positive attitude during the long and dark winter above the arctic circle is the only way to survive as the sun doesn’t appear above the horizon for almost two months in the northern parts of Finland. During this time it is important to take advantage of magical moment of 5-hour sunrise & sunset combo which is also known as Polar Light. Making every minute of light count can produce remarkable moments captured in this short film filled with colours and carving.

This edit makes you want to sharpen your edges instead of dulling them down.

Riders: Antti Autti, Nicholas Wolken

Location: Pyhä Ski Resort, Finland

Produced by: Kota Collective

Filmers: Matti Ollila, Jani Kärppä, Teemu Lahtinen

Editor: Matti Ollila

Music: Falling Son by River Whyless