The Estonian PIUPAU crew brought the hammers to the table and straight up smashed it with this slick edit!

It ain't easy up there, though, as filmer Priit Palumaa explains: “Due to the global climate change, snowboarding in Estonia has become a pretty rare activity during the winter months. We get natural snow for two weeks and the ski resorts struggle with making enough snow to build and maintain a proper snowboard park. Despite the depressing conditions, I tried to stay positive and managed to stack enough footage to put together this snowboard video."

Riders: Sulev Paalo, Mario Visnap, Ken Põllu, Hindrek Väravas, Robert Männa, Roland Mik, Simon Pettai, Priidik Vesi, Siim Aunison, Marko Vilumaa, Ivika Jürgenson, Madis Bachmann, Janne Lipsanen, Nils Arvidsson.

Filming: Priit Palumaa, Henri Holland, Liidia Maier, Reino Kuber, Mikko Suomalainen.