Today is the Swedish National Day, and what could be more Swedish than a quarter pipe session, bluebird skies, slush and the classic Riksgränsen backdrop? A bunch of living legends and up-and-coming riders came together from 14-16th May to huck their bones and wrap up the winter in style....

Quarterpipe session in Riksgränsen, Sweden. 14-16 may 2017.

Presented by Adidas & Riksgränsen.

Supported by: Dakine, Electric, Xtravel. Alnöl, Aperol, Hestra & Redbull.

Made possible by: Gälkawarriors

Riders: Ingemar Backman, Markus Östman, Len Jørgensen, Abbe Hjellström, Viktor Björnström, Johan Nordhag, Ylfa Runarsdottir, Ruben Rosenfors, Jocke Rasmussen & Terje Haakonsen.


Film & Edit: Kristofer Fahlgren