Winter has well and truly kicked off over in the U.S. now, with a sizeable chunk of resorts now open for snow-sliding. Carinithia parks over on the East Coast opened their doors a few days back and the setup looked fun as hell.

Watch dudes like Max Lyons, Levi Gunzberg and Ian Keay put down some stunts on the spattering of rail features that were laid out by the Carinthia shaping crew on opening weekend and be sure to catch Shaun Murphy's ender segment. Style for days!

Mother Nature decided to give us some early cold temps which let us put together a super fun early season set up for opening weekend. Check out everything that went down on the snowboard side of things

Riders: Rory Bruder, Jeremy Ellenberg, Storm Rowe, Casey Willax, Steve Lauder, Ian Keay, Max Lyons, Levi Gunzburg, and Shaun Murphy