Check out some Superpark 18 hammers from the French Canadian Nowamean crew. Featuring cameo appearances from Frank April and Louif Paradis.

Nowamean have either dropped this now intentionally to give us some light relief from the barrage of Mt. Hood edits at the moment, or are just kinda lazy. Not sure why but we kind of suspect the latter...

Either way, we're always hyped to see more footage from the Nowamean dudes and this new edit has some great snowboarding in it from Axel Stall, Jo Truchon, Alexis Mailhot, Alex Gogo, Dillon Ojo, Trevor Eichelberger, Frank April and Louif Paradis.

Jo Truchon in particular has plenty of hammers in this one, including a huge frontside 360 on transfer on the rail plaza feature.