Check out a re-edit of all of the Midwest street footage from Celtek's team movie 'Nothing To Prove', featuring heavy hitters such as Bjorn Leines, Aaarron Biitner, Dan Brisse and more.

The Celtek team went all-out in the streets this season and brought together street veterans and extra keen up-and-comers for an all-out attack on the streets of the Mid-Western United states.

Take a look at the re-edit footage above and watch the full 'Nothing To Prove' movie in part one and part two here.

Featuring: Bjorn Leines, Krister Ralles, Aaron Biittner, Lucas Magoon, Johnny Lazzareschi, Cody Beiersdorf, Austin Young, Viktor Simco, Drew Poganski, Shane Ruprecht, Ben Bilodeau, Dan Brisse, and more.