Throughout history Snowboarding has seen plenty different world records like the dude who really needed to go to the toilet - Edmond Plawczyk riding at 203kph [126mph] or Terje trying to skip astronaut school and just shoot himself right into outta space - at 9.8 meters high.

But the world record for the longest rail slide still needed to be broken properly. Sorry Calum Paton, but the rail needs to be round, not flat, and jumped onto - we can't really let your 78.70m count.

All the more reason for Nitro team manager Knut Eliasson to get together a bananas crew of riders - Sam Taxwood, Basti Rittig, Marc Swoboda and Ziga Rakovec - build a long-ass rail and try to ride it all the way to the end.

Think they did it? Well, you gotta watch the edit for yourself, caus we won't tell you.