Another ocular assault on the senses from Livigno for the Nine Knights held last week. We've seen Sven Thorgren's one man blitz on the battlements, and now we get a slightly wider field of riders taking on the transition of the castle. There's also a weird bit at the start which is kind of like the start of Apocalypse Snow, but this time the skiers and snowboarders are getting along in harmony instead of chasing each other with giant hamster balls.

This time we're treated to the whole snowboard posse getting radical and throwing stunts that would make their parents proud. Halldor Helgason, Seppe Smits, Sage Kotsenburg, Max Parrot, Seb Toots, Peetu Piiroinen, Emil Ulsletten, Sebbe de Buck, Simon Gruber, Marius Bakken, Keita Inamura, Ethan Morgan, Tor Lundström and Kevin Backström get busy finding lines through UNESCO's latest heritage site.

Caaaaaan we just talk about Peetu Piiroinen's hip hit though? Jeeeessuuuuuuussss Christ can that man ride a snowboard - having been present for his last attempt to escape the atmosphere at the Nike Chosen Sessions at Montafon back in 2012, we didn't think we'd see him top it, but he might well have gone done it.

A very big doth of the cap to Mr Smits as well, whose triple nosegrab flew more under the radar than an American spyplane. Killer stuff from the centrifugal force defying flatlander.