Like most of the snowboard world, Nike Snowboarding have been up on Mt. Hood this summer. Check out some Rat Race, dodge ball, and some serious snowboarding from one of the most stacked teams in the game.

A couple weeks back, a large chunk of the global Nike team headed up to Mt. Hood to stoke out the kids, hit up the concrete jungle and get some end of season summer snowboarding in.

There were plenty of familiar faces, including veritable legends Nicolas Müller and Gigi Rüf, camp jesters Ethan Morgan and Halldor Helgason, pipe huckers Louie Vito and Ayumu Hirano and one of the most stylish female riders around right now, Spencer O'Brien.

From the looks of the edit, and from the first hand reports from Onboard's ed in chief and photo editor (who were out at camp at the same time), they had a pretty amazing time, slashing slush and cruising the jump and rail lines in between skateboarding, chilling by the lake, and getting spanked by dodgeballs.

Meanwhile, some of us were left behind in a stuffy Munich office, posting videos of snowboarders having fun, rather than having it ourselves. We're totally not bitter about it.