Boardworld and Modest have teamed up for a brand new series from down under, 'Modest Minute', not to be confused with the band Modest Mouse or Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky, of course.

The concept for the series seems pretty straight forward: a minute of hot passion with some of Australia's finest snowboarders in Australia's finest snow parks.

Modest; mod-est, adjective. a) free from ostentation and showy extravagance. b) moderately limited in size, quantity, or range; not extreme.

This time around the crew are in Perisher, where the lions share of the edits have been emerging from this summer/winter.

The park is looking pretty damn sick we have to say, and is looking a far cry from the bulletproof-turning-to-extreme-slush-in-the-space-of-an-hour conditions that we've experienced over there in the past.

This one also features one of the best Aussie rider names in snowboarding, Tenzin Butt, which sounds like something a stripper might use as a tipping instruction (sorry dude, it's just too easy).

Awesome names aside, this has some a-grade jibbing from down under in it to help pull us through our northern hemisphere dry spell.

Riders in order of appearance: Jordan Crockford, Pete Long, Luke Harvey, Rainer Occhilupo, Tenzin Butt.