The Lib Tech Holy Bowly is hands down one of the sickest events in snowboarding right now. Check out the madness that went down when Lib Tech and Mervin dropped into the bowls at Park City.

Mervin may have taken their time putting out this edit, but sweet Jesus was it worth the wait. See if you can keep up with all of the transfers, hand-drags, snowboard trains, tweaked grabs, tranny finding and bowl carving in this frantic but downright rad edit produced by Think Thank and featuring a sizeable chunk of the Lib Tech and GNU teams.

From Jamie Lynn's method to Forest Bailey's unbeatable flow, hit play above and be reminded where the soul of snowboarding currently resides: in the legs and brains of snowboarders who are willing to embrace the inherent creativity and flow of our sport. So, so rad.

Featuring the riding of Jamie, Forest, Bundy, Edgers, Reis, Warbs, Blake, Burtner, Kirby, Zebbe, Tucker and many more. Bring on Holy Bowly 4!