Have you ever wondered what the Blair Witch Project would look like, if you teamed it up with some Clockwork Orange outfits and made a snowboard edit with those themes? If yes, you're going to absolutely love this. If no, you're still probably gonna like this.

Benny Urban, Dominik Wagner and Marc Swoboda hide from the midnight rays at the indoor snowdome at Snow Dome Bispingen. No filler, all thriller sums this one up fairly accurately; Benny's blitz on the features is quite frankly ridiculous, front 3 off a oil drum pole jam to 5050 is inhumane to the rest of us normal humans.

It just goes to show you don't need a huge park and a ridiculous budget to make a quality edit - it's about how you/the riders can interpret terrain and make it work, not about how many heli shots you can squeeze in. Besides, VHS is sooooo hot right now.