Mr #SurfSexy welcomes you to the future with a minimovie of his Instagram highlights from 2017. This Laax local's sure got his own swag going on...

With snowboard movies seemingly going the way of the Dodo and personal filmers becoming harder to afford in these times of austerity, riders are increasingly looking to build the hype off their own backs via Mark Zuckerberg's Algorithmic Connection Festivals of Data Capture and Ex-Stalking.

But rather than beg you to check his feed, Baume did the hard work for you and cut together some of his favourite Instagram clips of 2017 - everything from his slinky Swiss riding, to skateboarding, partying, bullshit and beer chugging - and edited them together. One things sure, the dude's got a mighty smooth style, has an appreciation for bathrobes, a hatred of rubber ducks and an eclectic taste in headwear.

As Lucas himself says: Forget about it!