When Sage Kotsenburg announced on his instagram they just dropped their first edit of the season we got pretty excited. Anyhing this american crew drops is pretty much golden so the expectations were high.

The crew assembled at the Bonezone in Utah after the first snowfalls in early October. They dusted off a couple features and started charging. You can easily see the chaps were really excited about their first session of the season and were throwing down plenty of rad tricks. As the time went by the guys started stepping it up and at the end they were throwing tricks like backflip to 50-50 fs 360 out or bs rodeo to fs boardslide! We are already looking forward to watch another edits from the LTC crew this season.

Riders: Sage Kotsenburg, Zak Hale, Spencer Schubert, Griffin Siebert, Ben Bilodeau, Michael Wick, Blaze Kotsenburg, Ted Borland, Alex 'Littlest' Sherman and more.

In case you missed their newest movie 'Project LTC' watch it now!