The Laax crew follow up their epically mellow spotlight on Nicolas Müller's relationship with their iconic Swiss resort with a look at the lives of the people who graft long hours to make sure their world-renowned freestyle setup is as awesome as you'd expect. Yeah shapers!

In the third chapter of the #laaxisniceyo video series park-shaper Matthias Wattinger (aka C-Länder) provides some insight to living, working and shredding in LAAX - where according to him, some of the many perks include the ever-expanding and progressing Snowpark, a rich and playful backcountry, lots of good vibes and an abundance of great people to ride with. Joining him on the many obstacles of the renowned P60 park run is fellow park-shaper and long-time LAAX local, Jah D. Harris.

Also featured here are cameos by James Niederberger, Luca Kuppelwieser, and Petr Nevečeřal.