Last week, Laax, Switzerland opened up the largest halfpipe in the world. Watch riders like Christian Haller, David Habl├╝tzel and Jan Scherrer rip it up on opening day!

As anyone who has ever been there knows, Laax is pretty much heaven on earth for snowboarders. This season, Laax have taken their freestyle offerings to lofty new heights with the introduction of their brand new halfpipe, which lays claim to being the biggest publicly accessible pipe in the world.

The pipe has been extended to 200m in length to meet Olympic standards, and with walls that tower to a whopping 6.9m in height, the pipe is currently the biggest in the world, anywhere.

Check Christian Haller, David Habl├╝tzel, Jan Scherrer and more throw down some stunts on this new behemoth on opening day, and be sure to watch it in action at the Burton European Open which will posting up there later this month.