Proper spring shred with the Nitro crew in Laax.

Kicking things off in the freestyle academy and then taking the power moves up to P60, this edit has the feel of the last few days of winter before spring activities take over. It's sad that the winter is coming to an end, but also the best fun in the world. Good times on the double rainbow box and the mini pipe indeed.

The Nitro Team were filming for their upcoming movie, BOOM! and if this is in anyway a kind of teaser to that, we're stoked!

Feat. Benny Urban / Dominik Wagner / Basti Rittig / Alex Pfeffer / Eero Ettala / Lukas Baume / Jan Scherrer / Sven Thorgren / Ludwig Billtoft /

Filmed & edited by Alex Pfeffer

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 13.56.21