Keep The Change clip-stacker Ian Boll put together this short one featuring a bunch of b-shots, hammers and other stuff that didn't make the fine productions that they were shot for.

With dudes like JOC, Tommy Gesme, Riley Nickerson, Mike Rav, LNP and a bunch more, this is well worth a few minutes of your precious internet time, even if you'll already recognize some of the spots from the Capita, Rome and Keep The Change projects.

From Ian Boll: "Clips, b-footy, nonsense, and some good times out of my camera from last year with KeepTheChange and homies."

Featured riders: Johnny O'Connor, Tommy Gesme, Riley Nickerson, Mark Wilson, Derrek Lever, Alan Parenteau, Alex Boll, Ian Hart, Devon Therrien, Mike Ravelson, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Colton Feldman, and... Layne Treeter