Check what went down when the KBR crew hit up Levi, Finland in April of last year. We'll give you a hint... hammers!

KBR dropped their new movie King Cobra a few weeks back, and apart from it being one of the must-watch movies of the season, it also got us incredibly hyped for the upcoming winter.

Slushy spring sessions may seem like a world away right now, but KBR have treated us with a hammer-filled flashback to a session in Levi, Finland while shooting for the movie last April.

Hit play for a barrage of solid kicker and rail tricks from the likes of Toni Kerkelä, Petrus Koskinen, Janne Sorasalmi and many more.

Here's the skinny from the KBR fellas:

We filmed in Levi for our King Cobra movie during three weeks in April. Here are some warm up laps from the unforgettable April sessions. Thank you Levi for the good times!

Riding by Elias Veijola, Petrus Koskinen, Jani Sorasalmi, Janne Lipsanen, Toni Kerkelä & Antti Komulainen.