The TFA boys - Mario Käppeli, Flo Corzelius and Ethan Morgan - dropped a few edits throughout last winter, so here's a compendium of all the highlights. Think of it as kind of a Greatest Hits, fürn arsch.

All in all, TFA had a marvelous season, full of love, happiness and heavy metal.

Though it was quite hard for Ethan at the beginning, with the Olympic dream having turned into a nightmare, his TFA friends soon found a way to make him happy again, borrowed a super expensive heli in Mayrhofen, organized a crazy Spring Break party in Laax and finally celebrated some mad snowporn parties in a few other parks.

Riders i.o.o.a.: Flo Corzelius, Raffi Kossmann, Simon Pircher, Mario Kaeppeli, Ethan Morgan

Film & edit: Daniel Diedrich

Mario's additional footy: Doom, Mathias Wittwer and Michael Haunschmidt. Holla.