Talma stuffs a tonne of fun features into a small space on its '5500cm of Awesomeness', so laps for days is what you get when riding in the longer hours of daylight heading towards summer.

Snackbreak alumnus Joonas Eloranta stacked a buncha slushy laps with the boys as last season wound down, and now presents #laps4days for your viewing pleasure.

If you’ve ever ridden in Talma, you know exactly what #laps4days stands for. Jopi and couple homies took fast laps for three days under the bluebird, just before the resort got closed. And for those who haven’t ridden in Talma, this place is heaven on earth, all day every day.

Filmed and edited by: Anton Stennabb

Riders in order of appearance: Joonas Eloranta, Henri Habib, Tuomas Pohjonen, Mikael Larimo

Thank you: Talmaski, Death Label, Airblaster, Stinky Socks, Union Bindings, Ashbury, Sinne Store

Music: "Lesson 6: The Lecture" by Jurassic 5