Joonas Eloranta - a Finnish rail slayer who's almost criminally underrated in our opinion - gets a tasty welcome edit to celebrate his arrival in the Deeluxe boots family...

Here's what Deeluxe and Joonas himself have to say about the hookup...


Deeluxe are more than happy to announce the addition of Finnish rail slayer Joonas Eloranta to our Global Deemons Team. Joonas is known for his smooth style, technical rail wizardry and his nice and humble personality.

With already 8 full parts in his pockets, he made his mark in the snowboard community ever since his banging opener parts in Snackbreak’s 'Honyos' and 'Deviate'. Joonas is a perfect fit for our diverse team and we’re looking forward to everything the future might bring along. If you don’t know by now that Joonas rips, check out his welcome part and keep your eyes open for his full part dropping later this year.

Joonas’ other sponsors are: Death Label, Airblaster, Stinky Socks, Union Bindings and Ashbury eyewear

What Joonas says:

"Shit I don’t even know how to express my feelings with words. Considering the current status quo of snowboarding, I’m beyond thankful and lucky to be able to start working with Deeluxe.

Everything Deeluxe stands for - the diverse team, quality-driven products and the strong roots in snowboarding - is what I admire a lot. I hope there are many turns and burns to come with Deeluxe. Thank you so much Deeluxe and Flo!"