Swedish homeboy Johan rosen slings his meat in Oz - the Meat Pie Paradise, yo!

With the southern hemi season starting to fire up, riders from far and wide are starting to make a beeline for Australia and New Zealand. While the contest cats will be hyper hucking in the likes of Perisher, some good old fashioned videoboarding also gets loggend by the less competitively inclined. One of the dudes in the latter category is Johan Rosen, who's poised to take the long flight once more in a week or so, and he's so pumped that he's cut together some tasty footy from his time in Jindabyne last year for ya.

Here is an edit with all of the gathered footage from my three week trip to Jindabyne/Australia last year. I'm going back the meat pie paradise in about a week to do another Snackbreak project, stoked to get back on the board again!