Our Spanish homies in the JKD crew have just dropped a new one from Fontromeu resort in the Pyrenees. Check out some super stylish park-shred from Marc Salas, Juan Polanco and friends.

The JKD crew consist of some of the most talented rail riders that the fine country of Spain has to offer, and after dropping a super heavy debut movie 'Finisterre' earlier this season, are back with a new one from the sunny slopes of Font-Romeu in the Pyrenees.

Marc Salas, Juan Polanco and friends bring some extra stylish rail tricks to our computer screens, with some slow-sign ollies, cabin jibbing and other sidehits thrown in for good measure.

We're always down to check out more edits from this talented crew of Spanish matadors and are looking forward to seeing what they've got cooking for their next movie.