One of our favourite Dutch behemoths is back with a few stunts from the frozen tundras of the mid-west. Jesse Augustinus is a surgeon when it comes to the clinical precision of operating a snowboard, and this proverbial #TBT but on a Monday, sees him tear up Trollhaugen and Hyland.

'Broken Circuit' from Different Vision Production, is set to drop in November, but they're continuing to tickle our fancy with a few drops from their stacked footy.

We're pretty sure Jesse's gonna have a section in the film, and considering he can wield a half-cab nosepress to back 1 out, on a double kink, like it's no business, we're always happy to see more from Jesse.

He popped up in the Postland Theory drop from Dachstein a few days ago, so if Jesse's peaked your interest, it's well worth a watch.