It's no secret these days that the British riders don't actually spend their whole season riding in domes and dryslopes in the UK...

And this edit is exactly what we love to see coming from the dedicated crews that make trips and reside in the mountains! The Motherlode Project put this one together in Mayrehofen (hence the name) with some help from the GB Junior team and some beautiful blue skies.

Jamie Nicholls as ever dominates on the rails and in the air, while less household names (over here at least) like fourteen year old Fin Bremner step it up and throw dub 10s on the kickers. Top it off with plenty of laughs and it makes for a damn entertaining spring edit!

Riders - Fin Bremner, Jamie Nicholls, Ben Kinnear, Billy Cockrell, Glen Ironside, Hawk and Greg Bow with some stunts from Rowan Coultas and Will Smith.