Whilst their German neighbours might be more recognised for their effciency, we've gotta say that two edits from one filmer in a week is pretty 'Vorsprung durch Technik' if you ask us. Kasper de Zoete is back for the second time with more dome destruction from a bunch of Deadly Dutchies.

Cees Wille is always a pleasure to watch,...that backlip at 01:28ish is a killer of composition, and although when taken in context of the other tech tricks in the of the edit, it's not a standout; it is just a lovely bit of snowboarding.

If you're looking for some more Dutch madness, and a bit more of an insight into how the scene goes down in the Netherlands, there's this excellently produced mini-movie called 'In The Dutch Mountains'.

That's how things go down in the flatlands of Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK - creativity flourishes when you've got a small amount of terrain to play with, and the riders coming out of those countries attest to that.

From Kasper:

While the last glaciers are closing, the dutch indoor parks are still as on point as always! with the short waiting lines during summer and the small jibline , you can always have a great time indoors!

Riders: Cees Wille, Bart Falhaber, Jordi Spa and Kasper de Zoete.