Italian crew hwcls have been bossing it all season long and have just dropped their season recap edit featuring all of their favourite shots. These guys go HUGE on kickers and hips!

From Simon Gruber's session on the massive multi-hit hip feature, to new crew member Nicolino Dioli's recent Triple cork (and the first one by an Italian rider ever), hwcls have had quite the season this year.

Their recap edit is just over 4 minutes of feelgood hammers and it's well worth a watch if you like watching dudes send it on jumps with great style. We're looking forward to seeing what these guys put out in 2014/2015!

a collection of our favourite shots and some unseen footage from our hwcls crew!

winter is coming and we are excited to start snowboarding and filming.


Featuring Kevin Kok, Simon Gruber, Marco Grigis, Nicolas Bridgman and Nicolino Dioli.