You know what they say about 'saving the best till last'? Well, these Norwegian splitboarders for sure do and for sure DID. Epic big mountain boarding from way up in the north of Europe in episode 3 of Higher Latitude...

It's spring time in Northern Norway, but it doesn't yet seem like it. Up in the mountains there's still powder, and the days are longer so we can explore them even further and higher.

With support by:

Moonlight Mountain Gear, Sweet Protection, Cilao Outdoor and Filmvektshuset Tvibit

Produced by:

Eirik Verlo, Krister Kopala and Jussi-Oskari Taka


Eirik Verlo, Krister Kopala, Jussi-Oskari Taka

Filmed by:

Eirik Verlo, Krister Kopala, Jussi-Oskari Taka, Andreas Strømseth, Vegard Kristiansen

On locations:

Lyngen, Senja, Kvaløya


Lüt - Boy Toy