Not content with just dropping a full, banging snowboard movie last Monday, the Helgasons have gone and released this rad little pre-season mini-movie, featuring some hammers on the Stubai Glacier and some cheeky hits on a super sketchy looking carpark setup.

Like many other pro riders, Halldor Helgason and a bunch of his homies have been up at Stubai 'training' for Sochi 2014. And by training we actually mean: doing laid out frontflips, ridiculously stylish double corks and generally being bosses. All of that footage is interspersed with a session on a super sketchy looking DIY setup.

We're always hyped to see that even though they have access to the sickest parks in the world, these guys are that stoked to go snowboarding that they'll shovel a load of snow onto a hill and session a shitty gaspipe. That's some serious dedication to the cause right there.