The Headstones have arrived. Check out an onslaught of raw snowboarding from this super talented, Videograss-certified crew from Quebec.

Quebec has always had a knack for producing some truly outstanding rail riders. Thanks to the combination of bitterly cold winters, icy slopes and a solid appreciation of those limitations, the Quebecois have grown thick skins and are hungry. From Brothers Factory to the Deja Vu crew, the talent pouring out of Eastern Canada is hard to miss.

The Headstones are the latest crew to step up to the plate and judging by the introduction to their first proper movie, they're exceeding all expectations. These guys aren't afraid to take a slam and know what it takes to get the calibre of shots the snowboard scene expects these days.

We can't wait to check out the new movie.

Riders: Mammouth Durette, S├ębastien Picard, Maxime Desroches, Vincent Grandmaison, Michel Gr├ęgoire, J.P. Morin, Francis Bernard, Francis Lachance, Olivier Chabot