The Grindhouse crew have dropped the intro section for their brand new movie 'Hallucinate'. If this is anything to go by, the movie's going to be off the chain!

As a crew from the UK, Grindhouse have been pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible in the streets from riders who come from a country with few, if any legit mountains. The last two Grindhouse movies have been great, and everything we've seen of the new one 'Hallucinate' is pointing towards it being exceptional.

The crew expanded a little this year, adding guys like Sparrow Knox, Jonny Pickup and Angus Leith to the mix, and with regular heavy hitters like Will Smith, Andy Nudds and Ollie Dutton we know we're going to be treated to some a-grade street snowboarding.

Grindhouse are also giving you the opportunity to look exactly like Will Smith - you can enter to win a selection of his gear by entering on this link:

We can't wait to check out the full movie when it premiere's online on October 13th.