We're of the firm opinion that Riksgränsen is one of the greatest places on the planet to snowboard. This local crew crushed it last spring, so have a peep at a fully-loaded Riks getting ripped apart...

This clip is a tribute to Riksgränsen, the place where we grew up snowboarding. Even though we certainly have got older the joy of riding has not, which is something we have to thank these mountains for. Last winter we stayed at home the entire season, and enjoyed every storm that brought us fresh snow. Occasionally, we brought a camera and recorded some riding, and what you are about to see is a summary. Hope you like the film!

MUSIC & EDIT: Viktor Björnström

RIDING BY: Viktor Björnström, Anton Forsén, Kajsa Määttä, Björn Lindgren, Tomas Johansson, Simon Bonthron