Thanks to a dedicated crew of shapers and riders, Golparken was the shit last season. Sadly it won't be back for 2017, but the good news is the boys behind Gol have got the nod to build another railgarden of radness in Trondheim's Gråkallparken, and will no doubt continue to pump out the bangers from there. Till then, here's a Golparken Greatest Hits for ya...

Håvard, Håkon and Stian moved to Gol last season and put together their park: Golparken. It was a great year and big thanks to all the homies that made it out - Golparken is over for us so we hope to see you all in Gråkallparken next year.

Tobias Himmelstrup, Jessi Blackwell, Sigurd Lindquist, Didric Lothe, Alexander Klerud, Andreas Grong, Jørgen Formo, Anders Karlsen, Kenneth Nygård, Håvard Roald, Håkon Haslum, Stian Karlsen & Kristoffer Lerånd.

Film & Edit - Stian Karlsen

Thank you, Badplans, The HellCabinet & Stinky Socks. See you next year!