It's not that we ever doubted that it would be any good, but what a pleasant surprise it was for GNU's latest short film to be this good. Seriously - from the off, it's a ton of pure powdery delight with Temple Cummins laying elbows across pillow lines, Forest Bailey spinning ridiculous butters and Max Warbington doing his thing in the deep stuff.

In the case of the latter, it takes an awful lot of balls to steal the thunder from Nicolas Müller as they share the same end song, but oh boy does he manage it. There's even a welcome look in from Kaitlyn Farrington as she blasts a few at the lens, adding to a truly stacked team with Blake Paul, Alex Lopez, Gus Warbington and Jacob Krugmire all GNU-ing their thing too.

Really, if this coupled with the latest snowfall across Euroland doesn't do it for you, we'd recommend you go ahead and check your pulse before whatever sickness you have consumes you for good.