We miiiight have slept on this a little - it's a bromantic edit to shoutout to one of the crew who's currently in Australia - but that doesn't detract from the fact that this is proof positive that you don't need to be riding crazy obstacles to make a solid edit. Yawgoon-esque, or should that be Eurogoon-style?

The Gnarcolate - or Gnrclt. - crew are straight outta Milano and have been making dope edits featuring some of the finest Italianos out there for a while. So keep your tabs on 'em!

"Muse" is a video dedicated to our Brother Andrea who's following his dream in Australia. This is our personal present to make you feel home for a bit.

Thank you so much Max Zebe, Sebastian Springeth, Andrea Strazzu, Daniele Colturi, Elena Graglia, Simone Zambelli for the tricks.

Marco Morandi for the extra footage, Stubai & Amerikan Snowpark for the hospitality, Claudio Foco for the photos.

Filmed and edited by: Stefano Bergamaschi.