FYVE Board Co. hit up Thredbo resort in Australia for a day and managed to log enough footage for this sweet new edit.

After their recent exploits at Mt. Baw Baw, FVVE Board Co. headed over to Thredbo Resort in New South Wales, Australia to scope out the park there and get some tricks down.

While Perisher may get a tad more attention than Thredbo these days, Thredbo, which is actually just down the road, have been really stepping up their park game this season, taking on Reuben Cameron from June Mountain - the man behind the enormous Stylewars features over the past 7 years. From our own personal experiences, Thredbo may cover less area than Perisher, but makes up for it with longer, steeper runs and a park that is really well maintained.

By the looks of the edit, Reuben and his team have been doing a killer job on the park, setting up a good selection of jib features and a super nice looking jump line with great flow.

Watch Andy James, Sammy REDDOG, Jeremy Page, Charles Morris, Lou Maccas, Greg Murray, Marc Triffitt and Ryan Linnert do their worst to the setup, with some big tricks all cut together by filmer/editor Danny Kern.