Boreal Mountain is ON! Check the Fyve crew getting some hot laps in on a small but ridiculously fun looking setup on opening day 2014.

Here in Europe we're fortunate enough to have a bunch of glaciers at pretty serious altitudes, allowing us to snowboard more or less all year round. Our North American friends aren't quite as fortunate, and have to wait through an excruciating snowboard dry-spell between the summer camps shutting shop and the first hills opening up for winter.

The good news is, Boreal, in California, opened up for business last weekend, and the FYVE team were quick to get out there, putting down some heaters on the small, but fun looking setup. Definitely look out for Lou Macias' part. Kid's got a killer style and some awesome tricks to boot!

Featuring Fyve team riders : Dave Gray, Armeen, Mariah Dugan,

Lou Macias, Chris Geisen and Ryan Linnert.