Check out this new edit featuring the freshly updated Ride global am team. These kids are the future of street riding!

Snowboarding, much like any other 'sport' out there, is subject to the ebb and flow of progression. Riders come and go like the tides, and as old legends are drawn back out to sea to slowly fade into its watery depths, new talent is constantly crashing in with a feverish ferocity.

Ride Snowboards play a solid part in cultivating the finest of this new batch of talent, and their global am team is true summation of some of the sickest rail riders across the land. From long-standing, well-respected figureheads of jibbing such as Danimals, to kids who have been rocket-propelled to the forefront of the sport in recent seasons, Ride's global am team is certainly not one to be scoffed at.

Danimals, Derrek Lever, Spencer Schubert, Alex Sherman and Dillon Ojo, know how to lay it down, and we look forward to watching the future of street snowboarding ripen to fruition.

RIDE Snowboards welcomes their newest additions to the Global Am Team with footage from the likes of two gingers, Derrek Lever and Dan Liedahl, shotgun extraordinaire Spencer Schubert, the Littlest Wizard, Alex Sherman, and the most recent addition to family and chocolate milk connoisseur, Dillon Ojo. Though entirely goofy in stance and personality, these guys turn it on in front of the camera and have the footage to prove it. Sit back, put on some sunscreen, cast a spell, shotgun some chocolate milk and enjoy.