Johannes Brenning aka Thunder dropped a super fun video of Eiki Helgason, Gulli Gudmundsson, Felix Engstrom and Leo Crawford shredding the Hogdalen Skatepark in Stockholm. Johannes also added a message for all his fans. Read it for yourselves because it would be pretty hard for us to interpret his statement.

Johannes - 'We just want to point out that Our filming crew is run like a biker crew now. !SEXUAL MC! Johannes is President and the only full members is Eiki, Gulli and Halldor. The club house is Halldors house in Iceland but Johannes is still the Pressident but he lives in STHLM . Johannes is so bad ass. All other dudes a Prospects. Especially Felix, He is also an asshole that might loose his jacket soon, but we do not have Jackets because everyone has different sponsors and some of them is not super down with the hole "killing people biz" Sage might be the one to open a new chapter in the US but that is unlikely because he must read this to know about it and I don't think he reads texts this long. But on the other hand he is the only snowboarder that is using twitter and thats text.

Time will tell