With Hintertux heaving with half of the population of Norway/Sweden (and every single person ever that's ever existed, judging by the length of the lift queues), it does mean the locals have been sharked out of the park by the oiled up racers. However, the FOREAL project took it into their own hands to get some laps somewhere in the Alps. For real.

The fine talents of the FOREAL crew appear to have hunted out some early season fresh sans glacier. The crew of Benny Urban, Basti Rittig, Andre Tröltzsch, Gido Gföllne and PtotheG (which we'll assume isn't the human representative of Procter and Gamble) built themselves a mini jib park and waste no time getting stuck in.

Pre-season shred doesn't get much better than this; good weather, good crew and hot laps. You can check out what adventures the FOREAL boys get up to on Facebook here, expect the weird, wacky and wonderful.